Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our First Christmas Tree

so last week i got a little ahead of the game and went ahead and got us a christmas tree. that's right, i didn't even wait for a day when we could go pick it out together. i just picked it out in 5 minutes and had the guys at the lot load it into the element, my trusty utility vehicle which is actually quite the embarrassment but whatever. anyway, so i got the tree on my way to georgetown for date night. shawn and i put the tree in the stand and found the perfect corner for it. done. i had one ornament... i put it on it. done. throughout the week, we had not another second to touch the tree. we laughed later at our empty tree with the yellow tape at the top... and had no thoughts of any time that we might have to even get any lights for it... let alone put them on. but we were okay. i embraced the fact that i do not have it all together. i also embraced the fact that we are in an incredibly busy season of life and i can't quite settle in to a new home and normal routine before i actually live there. so i was okay that our first christmas tree had one ornament and nothing else. 

and then... a sweet little elf put a box of lights, a tree topper that i had my eye on, and a variety of ornaments on the back porch. what a gift [of relief] it was, not only realize that i don't have it altogether but also that i don't have to- there is help! thanks to shawn's wonderful, amazing mom (not exactly an elf) we actually had something to put on our first tree. And last night, we miraculously had time to decorate and had the best time just the two of us!... and boone!

later i will tell you more about the amazing help we've been getting lately!

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