Monday, May 14, 2012

as of late and a recipe

yes, i know i need to post the post-paint pictures... but time at the computer has been short.

we've been fishing kind of a lot lately. well... i consider it a lot, probably not a lot to shawn. either way, we've got fish on the table, fish in the freezer and fish in the cooler.

this weekend katie and will came up to our little town and got to experience "the not-so-secret spot" first hand. they were sworn in to secrecy for life, never to return without shawn as their captain, and of course, blindfolded just in case they broke the pact. okay... so maybe not blindfolded but definitely given the serious talk about how important it is NEVER to share the details of this particular fishing spot. this place is special. if you recognize the area in the back ground of these pictures, you are among the privileged and elite. 

Shawn caught this 23" trout... which is BIG for a trout!

best recipe for trout..... that i ever made up...

preheat oven to 400 degrees. 
cut sheets of foil, however many people you have.
place 2 small fillets per foil. (shawn is one to waste a little meat just to make sure all the bones are out, so our fillets are fairly thin.)
brush fish with olive oil. 
generously coat with lemon pepper seasoning. 
then capers. 
cover top with sliced tomato. (this is KEY)
salt and pepper tomato.
then add lemon slice. 
seal individual foil pouches and place on cookies sheet. 
bake 20-25 minutes. 

meanwhile, cook angel hair pasta. drain. return to pot and stir in butter to coat pasta. toss in some sea salt and italian blend cheeses or just parmesan... 

serve fish over pasta... pour remaining juices over it all.


then make some no-bake cookies. eat for 2 days straight. then regret it. but not really.

then lounge on the couch and take pictures of yourself. because it's fun.

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