Thursday, May 17, 2012

it's indescribable!

being married has been indescribably wonderful! to know someone in such a way that you have never known anyone or to be known in a way that you have never been known by any other person is pretty daggum, indescribable. kind of puts the "one and only" phrase in to perspective... it's just AMAZING!

we're learning what it means to be married and that it is not a one time "click" and you got it. it's an everyday pondering of the question "how can I serve my spouse today?" no, not serve in terms of waiting on the hand and foot, but in terms of selfless love. Jesus' love. it's actually asking yourself, "how can your being that person's spouse, encourage and help them to be the person that Jesus is calling them to be?  how can you honor them? love them (like the verb, love, them)?" well part of it is learning to keep your mouth shut when the words you want to say are less then encouraging and edifying. or learning when not to keep your mouth shut.  or how to say things without hurting. it's not just living together and playing house, though that part has been so much fun too... it's a continual growing in to who Jesus has called you to be and a humbling of your prideful self. and in that growth, is healing for your own heart which enables deeper intimacy with each other's hearts. see...what i mean, indescribable!

but for the purpose of your enjoyment, here's a list of some of some most enjoyable moments being married to MY husband...

1. everyday seeing him drive in the driveway after a long day. boone goes nuts with excitement, barking and whining to run outside to meet shawn at his truck, and i love it because i know EXACTLY how he feels.

2. listening to him sing. hands down, BEST thing ever! he belts it out in the shower, full on. it makes my heart so happy to hear him so happy! this morning was one of my favorites... he switched his music from good ole country favorites to John Mark McMillian "how he loves" pandora radio.. it was AWESOME to hear him worship!

3. cooking breakfasts "together". honestly, when he steps in the kitchen... i step back and enjoy watching him get all into it. he's really good at egg-in-a-nests! actually, probably definitely better in the kitchen than me!

4. turkey hunting and fishing trips with him.... really, just having the time to share these things during the work week that i won't have time to do once i start school ever again.

5. american idol. without fail. every wednesday and thursday. glass of wine in hand. date night on the couch. this is also when we discuss important and fun topics... thanks to DVR. last night was "where do we see ourselves in ten years?" which led to an even better decision in our car buying process now...

i could really go on forever and ever about the fun, mixed with some stories of me being a bit of a baby, and adjustments to life with a boy in a small town... Hmm... perhaps that'll be the title of my book... "Life With a Boy... in a small town." i like it... no? anyway, it's a pretty amazing, and again,  an indescribable blessing! i love you shawn!

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