Tuesday, January 22, 2013

watch me begin again

dear friends,

how i have missed you! there is far too much to even try to catch you up on. as you know, i have attempted several times to get back to the ole blog but haven't quite managed to do that yet. well, today, it begins again. i will go ahead and apologize for randomly placed commas and bad grammar.  i am aware of weaknesses.

i hope you will enjoy reading about my little adventures once again. please do "follow" me, again, as it seems i lost all of my previous followers when i re-did the blog face. (please) 

at this point, i suppose i should at least tell you where we are, what we do, and where in our life the blog begins this time.... so here you go...

        in the last 2 years, we started dating, got married, i moved to Georgetown, started school, and
        in november, we moved again! the holidays were spent on hwy 17... from here... to
        Charleston... to Georgetown and back. of course we had a wonderful time with family and
        friends but are thrilled by the idea of not leaving for a while. we love LOVE our new home
        in..pause.. on a plantation somewhere in between bluffton and savannah. technically, the
        town we are in is called hardeeville but really....hardeeville?... nah.

        we moved here for shawn's job. he's a forester. he works for a company. they moved us here
        to make sure things were moving along in this part of the state. he travels a lot. he's very
        busy. and very hot.

        i am currently searching for a job and waiting for the actual nursing program to start in the
        fall. in the meantime, while i'm unemployed searching, i am having a bit too much fun playing
        on the plantation.

        we are seriously living a dream. i wake up each day and thank God for such an amazing
        adventure. it's one of those things you are so excited about but you try to contain your
        excitement for fear that the bubble you're in might burst. this is literally THE dream i had
        since i was a little girl... only lacking horses and a few more dogs...as of right now 
        anyway...To be continued.

so here we begin again... i will document our little adventures on the plantation, thoughts, projects, and whims, all in an effort to be fully present and enjoy each day!

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