Sunday, March 11, 2012

and we're back!!

okay kids... life has been a whirlwind for the past several months but only in the best possible meaning of the word. february 11th was our wedding day and truly the very best day of my life! i would love to write a recap in all the glorious detail but to be honest, that's nearly impossible. basically, we prayed specifically that the Lord would be present. that His love and His presence would be known to everyone that attended our wedding. for shawn and i both, the ceremony was by far, THE most important part. we really wanted the significance of what we were doing to be known; first to us, but also to everyone who attended. in our world, and especially in the wedding industry in charleston, i think SO much gets lost in the planning and the fluff, that people forget what's happening. shawn and i both didn't want to get lost in the things that didn't matter; we wanted a REAL wedding to start off a REAL marriage.. and both of us were more excited dreaming about our marriage than we were the "big day". with that said, i will also admit that i love to be creative and i did care about what our wedding looked like too... but i would like to think i stayed fairly balanced... for the most part. i just wanted our style and the people that we are to be reflected and joined together on that day... and it was! perfectly imperfect!!

seriously, we absolutely LOVED every bit of our wedding but it wasn't because of the planning, hype and hooplah; it was because we asked the Lord to show up and HE DID!! His love, our love, and our families' and friends' love made OUR day better than we had ever imagined it to be. rather than every little detail... here are some highlights....

1. ceremony! hands down very BEST part!! the music, the emotion, the message, and the support...the part where we were MARRIED!

2. my brother's song to us! he played one during the ceremony which was pretty awesome, but the one that he wrote specifically for us and sang at the reception made everyone melt! "biz's song"

3. the Travis Allison Band- best wedding band ever!

4. all our family and friends from all walks of life being together to celebrate with us!

5. us! leaving our wonderful friends and family and starting our life together!

and last but NOT least was our amazingly talented photographer Juliet Elizabeth, who captured it all!! click her name for our wedding pictures!!

the absolute best part has been the past 4 weeks together. i had no idea how much FUN being married would be. i had no idea how much i would like living in Georgetown. i had no idea how much deeper Shawn and i would grow to know each other, so quickly. it had been too long since i have felt like i was able to live each day for each day and not worry about the future, but FINALLY i know what that feels like. we have had the best time of our lives just sitting together on the couch or eating dinner with out even thinking about what the next hour holds. we know life will go through seasons of bizzyness again; and it's guaranteed that life won't always be easy... but we are enjoying the heck out of where we are right now and will cross each bridge as it gets here and trust our LORD for the plans He has for our lives as ONE!


  1. I'm not even halfway through the pics and already have tears in my eyes! You looked absolutely beautiful (not that I'm surprised) and you can just feel the love you and Shawn have for each other. :) Congratulations again!