Tuesday, April 24, 2012

anxieties are high

the painter is coming on thursday. we have had 6 different colors of gray swatches in 4 differnent spots on our walls for MONTHS. like 2 months pre-wedding. i just added a 7th today. and {AM} gave me the name of the beautiful gray that they chose. ugh... no idea what to do. have you ever seen how many grays there are out there? i mean, when you know you want a green or a blue, you pretty much can go straight to the swatch that matches what's in your head. but gray... there is no right but there is definitely a wrong. just pick one and hope it's not wrong. and  now since it's really time to choose, i'd rather slam my thumb with a hammer about six, no, seven times. 

also, i have no phone. i have had no phone since thursday of last week. it was supposed to arrive by priority mail today by 3:00. it's 6:00, still no phone. 

i'm ready to start school!


  1. I like the dark grey. Very pretty!

  2. i like the top left and bottom right! i went with Coventry Gray from Benjamin Moore (3 rooms in my house are painted this color - living room, hallway and my bedroom) and I love it!!

  3. Girl, I stress about paint too. I can not picture how the whole room will look from seeing that one patch :) But i am in love with this color antique pewter by bejamin moore, with your floor and white trim think it would be beautiful

    Hope all is well, wedding pictures are gorgeous!

  4. i like the top left ... goodluck choosing though they all very nice..

  5. i like the top left... good luck choosing though they all very nice..