Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the things we have going on

2 days in a row!!!

today... i am going to babysit my dear friend's 2 little girls. the exciting part about not having a job is that you get to to do things you wouldn't regularly get to do. such as the above mentioned activity.
{M} was the flower girl in our wedding. and i just love her and her little sister to bits!

 in addition to babysitting on any given wednesday, one of the things i get to do a few times a week is go to fit club. that is Palmetto Fit Club, previously known as stroller fit. it used to be a workout group for... you guessed it, moms! but now it's open to any one, although it has kept the majority of the original stroller fitters. i may be the youngest by 10 years except {AM}, she's young too, though the fact that she has 2 babies automatically puts her on the same maturity level as the other ladies in the group; but don't make the mistake of assuming that this group is just a group of moms... because it's not. this group of women is inspiring simply because they are all super fit, uber-healthy women... most of which could beat the pants off of me in a foot race. seriously... several of them frequently run marathons as well as keeping up with their kids... that's amazing if you ask me. anyway, it's pretty funny watching all the kids run around chasing their moms as amy, the owner/trainer, sends the group of 15 or so sprinting down the football field or lunging up the big hill. i get a kick out of that, but also, the conversations. i really stay pretty quiet, not because i don't have anything to say, but because the workout is really hard and i haven't had the training to talk and pant at the same time like these multitasking phenoms have. but staying quiet allows me to be entertained while i ache. i know it sounds like i'm making jokes but i'm not... these women are amazing and i am so glad i get to join them until i start school (in may). the only thing about it is... it's in park west in Mt Pleasant... haven't found a good group to work out with up here in GT yet. hmmm... should i try to get one together? we'll see... until then, if i don't make the drive down there, it's just me and boone running the streets in ole' GT.

other fun things i get to do that will most likely slow down when i start school:
  •  cook! so far no big disasters... i even baked my first homemade edible loaf of  bread... way to go me!
  •  laundry! which i know you think it's silly that i am excited about washing and folding clothes, but i am. it's so nice to be able to get it all done so that I, and my sweet (very particular) husband, don't have to stress about it. seriously, i have seen a drastic difference in his ability to relax because this stuff is not just hanging around to be done. glad i could help, babe! 
  • work in the yard. 
  • have a quiet time with the Lord.... so important for my strength and sanity.
  • read!
  • decorate... paint...
  • pretty much anything i want!

i'll be honest... it took me a while to get to the point of enjoying myself. i was panicking about not having a job but now i am embracing these few weeks of freedom and rest! FINALLY! 

what a blessing it is not to be too bizzy!!

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