Sunday, April 8, 2012

we are making a home!

we are having a lot of fun around here trying our best to start... and finish... little projects around our house. so far we have started, not finished, painting. we began with the trim, a project i wouldn't recommend to anyone. now we are waiting on the painter's quote to come do our walls and ceiling. you see, during our engagement we tackled the walls in our guest bedroom and bath, several months later, the trim. and now we have both had enough of painting. insert sigh of relief. this will not turn out to be another home decor blog. i will keep everyone updated on the little projects we are proud enough to share but for the most part my lack of patience will not allow for too many of those to be boast-worthy anyway.
one thing we are proud of so far though is... our stab at landscaping. i have been getting excited, thanks to my mother-in-law who has a BEAUTIFUL yard, reading her books and taking a few sightseeing trips to the nursery. so i decided to become a landscape architect/designer-ish. want to see?

this is our new yard! well, not yet but it will be something like this. probably in like 8 years because we can only afford very small plants that will take that long to fill in... but we are proud of what it will look like one day. the best part is, it's not just a plan, we started it this weekend! and it was fun! for both of us! and it looks good! so far. yay!!

so maybe tomorrow i will go out and take a picture of our start. but it's not as cool as my design. just saying so you won't be let down. 

hair update: good news, the brown has pretty much washed out but it's not that bad. slightly blonde-ish, orange-ish but not horrible. bad news, 10 year old kid in the neighborhood rode by while we were working in the yard and said, "is that a man?" he knew it wasn't because he knows me but said it to be funny in front of his friends. i could have slapped him and dragged him home by his ear. 

that's all for now. i will keep you posted as we go. and i'm sure i will mix in more random bizzyness. really trying to get back to the regular blogging, i'll keep working.

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