Thursday, June 7, 2012

did i mention we bought a car?

yes. our search for a "family" vehicle has come to an end. it was not a fun process but it was a learning experience with high reward. it was sad to see the tacoma go... probably more sad for me than for S. i don't want to talk about it. but we finally found a great middle of the road vehicle- a used vw touareg. we love it. it's small and cute yet it's got some power to it so that we are able to pull a boat and tote kayaks and what not. by the way, did i mention we also got a new boat. well... not new new but new to us new. lots going on around here.

oh. and school is off to a great start. seriously, better than i ever hoped. praise the LORD for all our MANY blessings! 


  1. i miss you. love the new car!

  2. There is nothing impossible to God. This car is really good for family vacations.


  3. I, too, find your car cute. Actually, the Volkswagen, in general, is cute especially the classic Beetle. Going back to your new car (he-he), it looks like it is in very good condition. I suppose you didn’t have a problem with the transaction? The process could really be tiring, more so if it’s your first time. However, everything lights up at the sight of the car, admit it. Oh yeah, did you know that, Volkswagen, in English, means “The People’s Car”? Cool isn’t it?

    Angelica Emmanuel

  4. Oh yeah, the process is definitely tiring with all the paperwork and negotiations. I should know, I’m still at it *sigh*. Ha-ha! In any case, I’m glad you already have your new car with you, mine is still weeks out. Cheers to us and our cars!

    Timmy Radloff


  5. Processing ownership documents is an inevitable process to get you a legal car. Ultimately, the process, and everything that needs to be done, will eventually pay off. Enjoy driving your new, used car! Take care. =)

    - Carry Bacot

  6. So where did you buy this VW Touareg? It’s nice, huh? When you look at it, it seems that it’s really a brand new car. Well, I think you really did a great job in finding a secondhand vehicle! My family just recently bought a used car as well, and we found it in These guys are great! They really helped us to find the best car for us!

  7. Yes. We should always be thankful for all the blessings, and focus on them instead of the negative things. :) Congratulations on your new car and boat! You can never really go wrong with the color white, right? It looks elegant indeed. Take care of your car’s paint job by remembering to place a car cover whenever you’re going to leave it in an open area for a long time. It can help protect your car’s surface from dirt.

    Tyra Shortino

  8. You mentioned it now, Biz! If I’m not mistaken, that’s a Volkswagen Tiguan. Anyway, I think that’s perfect both as a family car and as an outdoor car. That’ll serve a lot of purposes, which is just perfect because you’re a newlywed. I hope you’re having and continue to have many adventures with this car. Congrats!

    Patrick Gauer