Friday, September 14, 2012


hi friends. i'm not going to do a big "i'm sorry" post... just going to pick up right where we left off. those are the best kind of friends anyway. and we're all friends here.

so. we now have a cat. never have i ever been a cat person. i am now a cat person. his name is "tucker t. tomcat" and he is ridiculously cute. and funny. i love him as much as my pinky toe.

my classes are going great. i will finish up my pre-reqs for the nursing program this fall. hopefully, i can quickly find a school in Savannah/Hilton Head area because WE ARE MOVING!

yep! we are moving to red bluff plantation. just 15 minutes from savannah on the south carolina side. somewhere between bluffton and savannah. it's a gorgeous piece of property and pretty much my dream come true. my man has been asked to move down there with his company and i get to go with! duh cuz i'm his wife and he can't move without me.

we would love your prayers for our move, finding a church, friends, and life in a new place.


  1. Congratulations! Moving is exciting and scary all wrapped together!
    Would love to see a picture of little Tucker! :)

  2. Biz! Let me know when you are moving! I grew up down there. My grandparents live in the Levy area, which is basically Red Bluff. I can give you suggestions on churches to visit and fun places to go. It is absolutely gorgeous there! You will easily be able to pick back up in school - there is a USC Beaufort campus and TCL campus not far from where y'all will be living.

    1. Can we get together for lunch?!!! I can't believe your family is in LEVY! I am already in love with it!