Thursday, January 31, 2013

the tree projects

this week has not exactly been the most active, most productive week we've had... i have been on the hunt for a job. not fun. not easy. by the way, if you are looking for a job, don't even bother craigslist...unless they send you straight to the company's website. just about all of them out there are scams. i should have known. in order to get a job you have to go get a job. just thought you needed to know that.

also, i wanted to remind you to follow me again since i accidentally deleted my followers somewhere along the line.

so anyway, the only legit stuff i have to show you this week are the most recent little projects.... those of you who follow me on instagram have already seen these. sorry i'm not sorry.

so, because we live in the woods and my husband is a forester, we make things out of trees. these are two end tables we made from a cypress tree. we shawn cut them, we let them dry for weeks, and i finally sanded and polyurethane'd the top. they are super cool and i love them. as always, photos just don't do them justice. 

and the next little project is my favorite! we have been working on these for a while now. it all started a LONG time ago when i saw a thing. my friend had a tiny little dish thing, kind of a flat, tiny plate... for a tea spoon to sit after it had been used. i had never seen it before and thought it was so clever. i cannot believe there is not something like this in every household. let me explain further. i drink a lot of coffee. my family drinks a lot of coffee. everywhere we go, we drink a lot of coffee. every time we pour a cup of coffee and stir in the cream and sugar, we proceed to do 1 of 2 things. if you're looking at me, i place the used coffee spoon directly on the counter and make a sticky brown spot. and get fussed at. or if you are looking at my sister, mom, or husband, they grab a paper towel, paper napkin or dish towel to place the spoon on. better but not ideal. so naturally, when i saw this little plate thing of my friend's, i thought it was genius. and an essential. thus, began my search for a teaspoon plate thing. fast foward. we move to RBP. still have not found a spoon plate thing. some would call this a spoon rest but it's not. a spoon rest is on your stove for big spoons, not ideal for sitting sweetly by a coffee pot... so my search continued. then one day, on a visit, my mom had an idea... "make one out of a tree". so that's what we did. i realize that seems like a very anticlimactic ending to this story. but that's just it... the story is not over. 

we used it for months and it proved to be the perfect little plate thing. i mean perfect. only confirming the thought that these need to be in every single household... and if they're not, that counter top has been missing something. so we made a bunch! and packaged them! and have already mailed one all the way to New Orleans... so come on!! email me if you want your Spoon Stump! 

-100% natural!
-Sanitized and oiled!

love you all,