Wednesday, March 13, 2013

working woman

HA!!! i got a job! i am beyond excited. you remember how i finally got the courage to make random small talk at the most amazing local coffee shop in Bluffton? well... that's where i'm going to work! along with its amazing coffee and freshly-made menu variety, the best part is the name... The Corner Perk!! come on! it's perkfect!

Boone Dog update: he had a second surgery. it's still not over. he's in good spirits and feeling spunky, however the original trauma and incision is just not healing very well. i'm over it.... just ready to let him out to play and ready to sleep rather than get woken up every few minutes by his cone hitting EVERYTHING! we've been to the vet 2-3 times a week for the past 5 weeks. ugh.. wearing me out!


  1. That's so awesome Biz! When do you start, and what are your hours like? I am sure you will LOVE it! So sorry to hear Boone still so poorly, we sure have that t-shirt... :( Love you MOUNTAINS GIRL!

  2. Corner Perk is so lucky to have you!

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