Monday, February 25, 2013

life goes on

life goes on! we don't have a super elaborate story to tell at the moment. or maybe i don't feel a need to write a long dramatic story about the past two weeks. sometimes there is this urge to have a beautifully written, detailed post or write nothing at all. i will do neither today.

two weeks ago, Boone was run over by a big, 6 seater ATV. these past two weeks have been focused on his recovery. the first week was pretty awful considering we weren't able to sleep for 2-3 nights. that monday was our 1 year anniversary and we spent the night in tears over our pitiful pup. it slowly got better throughout the week. by friday, i surprised myself as i sat on the couch and was NOT overwhelmed by feelings of defeat. i was tired but i had peace.

oh and not to worry, we were able to have a wonderful night on valentine's in lieu of our anniversary dinner that we missed on the 11th.

that weekend i went to the best baby shower i've ever been to and got to visit with my dearest friends who were in town from DC and NY. oh how i have missed them. not only that, but Ken and Jo were in town from Africa for SEWE and as always, we celebrated my birthday and visited with them. if i could explain how special they are to me, i would. that's a whole nother post for a whole nother day. (yes, i know "nother" is not a word)

last week was getting better though i got a speeding ticket. oops. but as far as Boone goes, getting better. still having to baby him a bit and watch him run into everything with the cone around his head but better still. at least he would actually lie down by this point.

this past weekend was the St. Andrew's women's retreat in Hilton Head. all i can say is AMAZING. just AMAZING. the love and power in Jesus Christ "surpasses all understanding", absolutely unfathomably AMAZING! and because of this, life goes on and things happen but my goodness, there's PEACE in HIM.

we made onesies at the baby shower... so fun!

Anniversary dinner on Valentine's day

Birthday present from my sweet in-laws. still can't believe they drove all the way down here to deliver then turned around and drove all the way back! i love it! 


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  1. so sorry to hear about boone!! very happy to hear he is ok!! happy (belated) anniversary and birthday!! :)