Thursday, March 13, 2014

Staying bizzy

Oh hey blog! so, do y'all remember that awful hair story?  i just went back and read it again... it really was hilarious. sometimes i think it might be a good idea to chop my hair off again and then i snap back into reality. but there really was a day in there that i actually loved my short hair. juuuust one.

hey, did you know we have officially moved back to charleston? um yeah! we're so pumped. not only is there no place like home, but there's no place like charleston. Purriod. 

and since we are back.... i'm seeking to establish my career. couldn't quite do that over the last 2 years of moving around. you know we moved 2x as a married couple and 3x for me in the last 2 years? what?! that's nuts! another reason why we are so glad to be here...cuz we ain't moving again! EVER! that's not entirely true... we are in a condo and will eventually live in a real house but either way, we aren't leaving charleston. i mean, unless God has another plan. but i really don't think He does bc He loves us and we love charleston. Purriod! 

anyway, so glad to be back! so glad to reconnect with the ole blogosphere. not that i had to be in charleston to blog but i think it's easier now that i feel somewhat established. it's hard to keep up anything regular during seasons of change. and goodness knows we went through lotsa change!

anyway... what i meant to ask... if y'all are up for it, will you say a little prayer for my career search? i have an idea of where i want to be but even more than that i want to be where the Lord wants me. so just pray for that.

Thanks a gazillion times, thanks!!

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  1. what kind of job are you looking for? mine is about to be available bc i'm moving to boston. email me!